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Our Story

In 1991 Taco Mix served its first taco out of a food cart built by founder Jorge Sanchez himself and, as they say, the rest is history. The idea was simple, to serve a variety of real authentic tacos with a mix. As a Mexican immigrant, Mr. Sanchez found a home in New York City. It became an opportunity to serve his recipes to the palates of the world. After all, New York City is a melting pot. Twenty-nine years later, Mr. Sanchez, his son Alejo Sanchez and daughter Joana Sanchez continue to serve some of the best tacos in the city.

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Our Staff

Taco Mix is a second home for our team. We strongly believe that everyone at Taco Mix is family, and we treat each other as such. Establishing a healthy environment for our team and customers gives everyone a better experience, from the kitchen to the first bite.

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